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  • Ecological engineering

    Агромашдеталь производит работы в сфере экологического инжиниринга

    LLC “Agromashdetal” performs complex works on the solution of practical problems of applied industrial ecology and environmental monitoring, as well as providing Advisory services in the field of environmental protection, gas purification, water purification and water treatment.

    Industrial emissions and effluents

    1. Inventory of emissions of pollutants.
    2. Gas purification:
    – certification and verification of the effectiveness of gas purification installations and ventilation systems;
    – development of systems for industrial gas purification, emissions, gas stations, automobile emissions, metallurgic plants, emissions of antiseptics.
    3. Water purification:
    – development standards for water consumption and wastewater permitted discharges, projects of sanitary protection zones of water supply wells;
    – development of water purification systems for industrial and household purpose, systems for treatment of industrial and storm drains, regeneration technical fluids, including industrial oils.
    4. Production of design documentation.

    Industrial waste

    1. Systems engineering waste production.
    2. Disposal of solid and liquid industrial waste.
    3. Development of technological schemes on the use of waste.
    4. Engineering and ecological support facilities for processing solid waste, including landfill and waste sorting plant.

    Development of normative documentation

    1. Documentation for state ecological review:
    – the section of the draft “Environmental protection”;
    – the evaluation report of the impact on the environment;
    – the project of sanitary-protective zone of the enterprise.
    2. Development of ecological passport of the enterprise.
    3. Production of records of flora.
    4. Development of instructions.

    Work on the development of ecological documentation are based on current legislation, ecological norms and requirements.
    Normative documents, developed by our specialists, must pass all necessary approvals.

  •   Belarus, Pinsk town
  •   +375 (165) 64 69 37
  •   agroproekt@drafter.by
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