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  • Building systems

    building systems

    LLC “Agromashdetal” develops projects in any engineering systems.
    Power systems
    Water and sanitation
    Systems emergency and uninterruptible power supply:
    • Diesel generator units;
    • Sources of autonomous power supply (container);
    • Uninterruptible power supplies;
    • Operating current cabinets.

    Projects include technical solutions, project estimates, proposals on the form of payment. The work on the project is completed the contract on performance of works agreed by both sides.

    Supply and installation of equipment:

    After signing the contract for execution of works, we begin to implement at the customer site equipment. Under the coordination of deliveries and services performed by subcontractors. At this stage of the work may involved third-party organizations, however the responsibility for the quality of work rests with LLC «Agromashdetal».

    Staff training:

    For the future success of the implemented projects need to take into account the human factor. If necessary, we provide training of personnel to ensure economical and proper operation of the installed equipment.

  •   Belarus, Pinsk town
  •   +375 (165) 64 69 37
  •   agroproekt@drafter.by
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