•   Belarus, Pinsk town
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  • About us

    “Agromashdetal” LLC was founded in 2007 and now is a part of Group companies 1AK in the capacity of engineering department.

    We specialize in design industrial buildings and agricultural structures, work out engineering systems, also carry out activities and offer consultations in architecture, ecological and engineering investigations.

    In 2010 we expanded activities and began delivering, assembling and servicing alternative energetic equipment.

    In a given time we accumulated set of commercial proposals and we can offer all of them to our customers. For all the work performed we have governmental license and certificates.

    The index of level of our work is our customers’ trust and we will do our best to win and live it up. If you reach us you will work with the professionals with wide and ambiguous experience and favorite occupation done correctly and in due time is the most important thing for them.

    Our primary goals:
    •    recovering the services competitive by permanent enhancing the efficiency of quality management system;
    •    increasing the interest of the enterprise at the market of services;
    •    customer’s demands satisfaction;
    •    providing the enterprise steady profit;
    •    achievement and permanent increasing the quality of services.

    To achieve the goals we:
    •    participate in tenders;
    •    realize architectural supervision;
    •    increase the quality of services;
    •    decrease the service provision period;
    •    we are completely responsible before the customers for the correct using of operative rules, rates and prices;
    •    advance the professional behavior of our staff in response to continuous process of retraining and personal development;
    •    participate in exhibitions and seminars due to make use of new materials and technologies.

  •   Belarus, Pinsk town
  •   +375 (165) 64 69 37
  •   agroproekt@drafter.by
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